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From $4k To $24k/Month Revenue From Klaviyo In 90 Days

Project Summary:

This client is a US-based eCommerce store selling supplements. They had only very basic flows set up and their total revenue from Klaviyo was just 6%.


  • Create a strategy for automated email flows and campaign emails

  • Set up and activate the flows to increase revenue from email to over 25%

  • Capture new leads with strategic pop-ups


  • No previous data: Brand new Klaviyo account. Just 1-2 campaigns sent

  • No pop-ups: They were not capturing any new leads from the traffic to the website

  • Q4: We had to build the flows fast as they were scaling up their advertising budget

  • Communicating product knowledge

  • Using customer specific information to send hyper-personalised emails

  • Building a loyal and sticky customer base

  • Building trust

  • Following compliance & regulations


  • We developed a comprehensive email strategy with 8 flows

  • We wrote and designed custom HTML-based emails

  • We created 3 custom pop-up designs to start collecting emails



Leverage customer information for hyper personalized emails

To effectively cater to the diverse needs of their customers, we tailored the emails based on personalized information such as age, gender, lifestyle, preexisting health conditions, allergies, and other data. We collected this information through customized quiz popups using an external apps called

Educate, nurture, convert

Educating customers is crucial because the supplements industry is vast and confusing. To address this, we sent out informative emails that included in-depth research about specific product lines or individual products. Informative (and entertaining) emails can help build relationships with customers and cultivate long-term engagement.

More revenue and CLV through cross-sell & upsell flows

Our client offers a wide range of products, many of which complement each other. For instance, a customer who purchases brain power pills may also have an interest in pills that help them sleep better, and so on.

Repeat purchases through automated subscription and replenish email flows

Once a customer buys a product, they typically need to keep buying it at a regular cadence. That’s where subscription and replenishment flows come in handy to automatically remind the customers to refill their product at a certain cadence taking into account factors like who uses the product, how often they have been using it, how long before it typically runs out.

Compliant & effective

The world of Dietary supplements usually comes under FDA regulations and marketers need to strictly follow compliance. We ensure that all emails that we work on for supplement stores are FDA-compliant Our team of copywriters includes individuals with legal backgrounds who are well-versed in navigating such nuances. This helps to ensure that our emails remain effective while staying within the bounds of regulatory requirements.

While traditional online advertising may have limitations for promoting supplements, emails allow for some flexibility in terms of content that would otherwise be prohibited on other platforms. We leverage our storytelling skills and use customer testimonials to effectively communicate the benefits of specific attributes, which may not be possible on other channels.

Trust building

As the number of supplement stores on the internet continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly important to establish trust and credibility with their customers.

To help our clients achieve this, we prioritize two key pillars: honesty and no over-promising. Additionally, we display genuine customer testimonials to help build and maintain trust among potential and existing customers.



Before: $3.8k from Klaviyo (6%) per month.

90 Days Later: $23.9k from Klaviyo (32%) per month.


Email designs:

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